Empowering Children and Families to Flourish

Occupational Therapy and Allied Health Assistant support for children 0-13yrs. Working together with families to help children learn just how remarkable they are!

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Our Values

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We love what we do!

We go the extra mile for our families. We are passionate and invested in the progress of our clients (and our team)

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We are family centred!

We believe in empowering families with confidence to achieve what matters most to them.

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We genuinely care about our community

We believe in building inclusive opportunities where children feel supported and accepted.

We strive to help families feel connected within their own communities.

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Visit Our Aspley Clinic Or
Organise A Mobile Visit

We offer OT services from our Aspley clinic (a shared space with Let’s Talk, Let’s Eat Speech Pathology) and our North Lakes clinic.

We also offer mobile services in the community which means we can come to your home, your child’s kindy, early childhood centre or school.


How we help you

What is Occupational Therapy?

To understand Occupational Therapy, we first need to explore what the word “occupation” means. In this context, occupations are also known as daily activities that an individual wants or needs to do. Occupations can also be defined as anything that ‘occupies time’.

Using this definition, children have many different occupations! Children play, learn, eat, look after themselves (getting dressed, using the toilet, tying their shoelaces), they play with others and have their own individual interests to explore.

A Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) supports your child to participate in daily activities that are meaningful to them by addressing barriers to participation. This may include individual sessions to learn more about their ‘super powers’ and how to overcome and ‘work with’ their challenges, parent coaching to empower you with tools, advocacy in the community, group programs to facilitate building connection and community.

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Image of a Remarkable You Occupational Therapist allied health assistant working with a child.

Allied Health Assistant

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) works under the guidance of your child’s occupational therapist to deliver routine therapy programs individually or in groups. This service may benefit families looking for more practical support beyond their initial one-on-one occupational therapy sessions to implement strategies in their home or community settings.

Our team is here to help your family

Find out what we can do for you.