Occupational Therapy Services

We provide occupational therapy sessions in your home, supporting your child to achieve their goals in a familiar and safe environment.

We help YOU make everyday life easier by:

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Equipping you and your child with the tools to embrace each day.

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Improving your child’s well being and sense of self

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Working in partnership to solve problems together

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Answering your questions

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Providing insights and education

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Being there to listen through the ups and downs

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Empowering you to advocate for and support your child

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We help your child learn to do things like:

Graphic of boy dressed as a super hero and engaging in pretend play.

Engaging in pretend play

so they can explore the social and emotional roles of life and relate better to others.

Graphic of two young girls playing with each other.

Play with peers and develop friendships

so they can feel a greater sense of self-worth and acceptance.

Image of different coloured faces showing different emotions.

Understand and
manage emotions

so they can engage in games or team sports and feel they belong.

Graphic of someone cutting out star shapes from paper using scissors.

Cut and draw shapes

so they can feel more confident participating in the classroom.

Graphic of young girl using the toilet and responding to internal cues.

Respond to their body’s internal cues

and use the toilet independently so they can be more self-sufficient.

Graphic of mum with a young girl playing on a swing. Wooden blocks are underneath her.

Understand their
sensory needs

so they can get involved in and enjoy their community.

Graphic of a black and red zip.

Do up buttons and zips

so they feel empowered to get dressed themselves.

Graphic of girl sitting on her bed and waking up.

Progress through morning and evening routines

more fluidly so you can reduce your family’s stress levels.

Graphic of boy asleep in his bed.

Resettle themselves during the night

so everyone’s sleep improves.

Our Process

If you’re new to Occupational Therapy, here’s the process we’ll go through and what you can expect as you start your journey with us.

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Step 1
Get in touch

This is the all-important first step. Fill in our contact form and we will get in touch within 24-48 hours to discuss our availability.  

Contact form

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Step 2
Complete our forms

Answering these questions in-depth will allow our clinicians to prepare for and make the most of your initial session with us.

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Step 3
Initial Session

Your initial session will consist of a parent phone or video call to discuss your child’s needs in more detail. This way you can speak freely about your concerns and goals for your child.

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Step 4
Getting to know you and your child

Over a couple of sessions, we’ll play and engage, building trust and connection, collaborating with you on a plan for OT and your child’s goals.

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Step 5
Community Connection

We love being a part of your team, but our aim is to empower you with the skills and confidence to apply strategies with your child in the community without us. This next step might feel daunting, but often times it can also be a welcome break for both you and your child. This may look like a break from therapy or engaging in one of our group programs. We can continue to be part of your team if you still need us. We are here to review your child’s needs at any time.

What is an Allied Health Assistant?

Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) work under the guidance of your child’s main therapist to deliver their individualised therapy program. They regularly work with families beyond their initial one-on-one occupational therapy sessions.

What does an AHA session look like?

AHA sessions are designed by your child’s main therapist and look like a regular OT session; however, they often occur in the home or community environment. AHAs will support your child to apply the skills acquired with their main therapist in a practical setting.

Learn more about AHAs

Graphic of Remarkable You Occupational Therapist team member working with a group of children.

Group Sessions

Group sessions help your child practically apply the skills they’ve learned in therapy. We’re excited to be offering these to our Remarkable families in 2024. You can register your interest via the Contact Page.

Remarkable You OT Lego Builders group session

Lego Builders

This group focuses on collaborative Lego® building projects where children have to work together to achieve the end goal – the final LEGO model! Each child has a specific, clearly defined interactive role to perform during the session.

The children take turns playing the different roles, and together they build the model.

Remarkable You OT Lego Builders group session

Storytelling Yoga

Click on the link below for more information.

Have questions?

Check out our FAQs or contact us, and we’ll be in touch within two business days.